Saturday, January 29, 2011


I had fun today with these beautiful children!! Sky is a natural...hardly wears a stitch of makeup and looks beautiful! I had to get on stools to photograph her because it seems like she is a ft taller than me, ha. Maybe it's because I'm sooo short.

Keeton was as sweet as he was cute. He seemed like the type that would know how to do jump in the air and do that little high kick thing, and what do you know?! HE DID! I love that pic!

I love all their the very end I asked Sky could I spray down her hair with her grandmas water bottle and make it wet and kinda scrunch it for a grunge look. I can't wait to show you one of those too. She was game for ANYTHING!

dee4 copy
all i can say about this one is wow!
dee3 copy
go keeton!!
dee2 copy
i want this scarf...and her eyes!
dee1 (1 of 1) copy
so cute and sweet

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