Sunday, October 30, 2011


I always love taking your photos Brandy! Y'all are the sweetest, prettiest family! Your kiddos have gaboodles of personality! Cole always keeps me in stitches, and tell little Miss Brooke I have her BIG chocolate hahaha!
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he is growing up brandy and this pic shows handsome!
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cutie pie! love that smile!
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i LOVE this pic!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is my second time taking pics on this piece of property and the opportunities are endless! I love it all and want to take my kiddos there soon!:)

I'm so glad you chose me to do your pics Patti. They are all SO GORG, but here are just a few for you to see! Your boys are going to be heartbreakers!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Austin's football team was in the Homecoming Parade and of course I had to take a few pics for memories and I'm eventually gone to get this blog printed in a book so I can keep.:)
The coach asked Brooklynn if she wanted to ride and so she did with her daddy. I got to watch all of my sweeties in the parade!
austin is looking at me like MOM!
i love this...brooklynn was throwing me some candy!
love this!


A friend of mine asked me to join in on a bible study on Fridays and I'm SO glad she did. With crazy schedules it's not always been easy to keep up and to go, but I've done it and I feel like the reward has been amazing!!

It's Beth Moores, "A Woman's Heart". I've never been one to open up easy in a group, but I HAVE!! I feel like my life has been twisted and I have been an emotional roller coaster, but being able to open up to these ladies has helped, and I've just started studying in the am before my day gets started and I can't tell you it's made my days so much easier! If you are able to do a study with some ladies I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I know the Lord put me in there for a reason, because these ladies are the kindest, and most caring people.:))

Monday, October 24, 2011


Brooklynn, you are the sweetest, most beautiful little girl! You are just as pretty on the inside as the outside. You love more than anything to play dress up and play school even at home!
You are the most affectionate thing ever, just like your brother, and I'm so glad you both are! It must be bec you both get lots of hugs and kisses from us:)). I enjoy all of my girl time with you. Having girls night outs while the boys are hunting is soo much fun!!
For your bday you got a sweet little yorkie puppy and named it Sophie. Ill post pics soon. We did a small slumber party here with a few friends and had a makeup, hair and nail station. We also did a painting, kind of like easely amused and did a fashion show with a disco light and music and I was the paparazzi...SO MUCH FUN!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Over a yr ago I asked for prayers for my Mom. She had cancer in her tongue. They were able to remove it all and took out her lipnodes in her neck to be safe. Last Thursday she had a biopsy done. She has gone to see her doc in Birmingham every 3 mts and has good appt's. She had another lesion to come up and we are waiting on results. I have so many friends and family praying, but I know you can never have too many. It's been a rough couple of days waiting. I know God is in control and he will take care of us all, but it's never easy waiting for news like this. My mom is my BEST FRIEND! We tell each other everything and since I got married we rarely miss a Saturday tog...even if it's just Walmart. Some of you don't know her, but seriously she is the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful Mom in the world. Thank you for reading if you made it this far and pls remember our family this wk.

most people think you have to have smoked or drank to have this type of cancer in your tongue and from what I've read it would seem that way. but this is def not the case with her.