Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I had the honor of photographing Sweet Cheri's family! Let me tell you why it was so special:

Cheri had been going to the doctor for several sinus infections and kept getting sick. She had a scan done and they found she has a rare form of cancer. I believe she was diagnosed on Dec 17th and went to MD Anderson several wks ago and her cancer had quadrupled in size. They are very hopeful that they can shrink it with chemo over a six months time and then try to remove the tumor at that time.

She has the sweetest spirit and the best attitude towards life! I text her while she was at MD Anderson and told her I wanted to do something special for her and she was thrilled!

Cheri you and your family are in my prayers everyday and we love you!!

Here is a link to her caring bridge..... Please join me in praying for her!

wickens2 copy
Sweet Cheri
wickens3 copy
Cheri and her precious children
wickens5 (1 of 1) copy
Precious DJ
wickens4 copy
The Whole Crew

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  1. Angie, these are absolutely beautiful! I know Cheri will treasure these pictures.