Thursday, January 20, 2011

ok jenny you are on!

So, after Jenny's post yesterday and her words of encouragement I restarted Honestly, it really is the easiest and best thing out there! It doesn't cost a penny and you can download it to your phone...on the hero, go to market and type my fitness pal.

It will record what exercises you do and subtract that from your calories, and honestly it knows every restaurant and every food item! I put it on my phone and when I saw that you could have friends that could hold you accountable I thought this is exactly what I need!!!!! So Jenny thank you sweet friend!

I've put on some lbs and I have got to get them off so I can feel good again...I got up and did my elliptical and jammed to Austins praise music on his ipod. Good thing the neighbors can't hear outside of my house lol!! I was very proud of myself. I wanted to stop sooooo bad after 14 min's on that thing, but I pushed on and did the entire 25 min's of interval training and I can honestly say I FEEL GOOD!!!

My user name is apradr on and would love to have you join me!!!

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  1. YAY ANGIE!!! i am loving all these friends on myfitnesspal! i am so excited about this program and have done good for about 3 days in a row now! that's a record for me! HA! can't wait to read your updates! :)