Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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All of these photos are special in their own way. Nikki's Maw and Paw were just precious. When I was taking a pic of them I captured this sweet moment between the two and he said could we keep taking pics so he could keep kissing her...I hope Chad and I are like that 50 years from now!

The one of Jon with a guitar and Nikki wiping her eyes from behind is my favorite. Jon is an amazing singer. He starting writing a song when he was 12 and when he met Nikki he was able to finish it..everyone there had tears flowing bec it was just too sweet.

The one of Nikki coming out of the door is when Jon saw her for the first time! Can you tell he was excited?!!

The last photo is the party favors for wedding guests to take home. They gave pine trees!!

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  1. That picture with her crying is so very sweet.