Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is way past my bedtime and everybody is asleep but me. I'm up thinking about my Mom. She is having back surgery in the morning. We all know it the best thing and she will feel so much better, but it's just hard because she has had several surgeries for different things, and I wish I was the one doing it instead of her. She will bounce right back, because that's my Mom!! The whole family went to lunch today with her, and we all had a great time, and I'll post pics of that soon. I just wanted you to see a few of her with my children...this is the kind of Nanny she is. She gets in the ocean, just to help Austin find one more hermit crab, and plays in the snow, and whatever any of her grandkids want to do or kids(everyone knows the relationship she and I have!!!) Just say a little prayer please, that the doctors will have a very successful surgery and that she will bounce back soon, and that her back will be healed. God will take of her, I know! Thank you!!! Think I better hurry and get some sleep..I've got to leave here by 6:15 to be at the hospital!


  1. praying for your momma. :) hope to hear a good report!

  2. They finished up surgery, and everything went well. Thanks so much Jenny!

  3. I've totally been praying for you and your mom ever since we talked.
    How is she doing???