Thursday, January 28, 2010



Last week my heart was filled with sadness when I was told about sweet Kelsey. She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma cancer in her wrist(it is contained in this area). She is at MD Anderson getting chemo right now and will go through several treatments and then they will try to remove it. Her mom Vicki Carroll, told me that Kelsey is so strong and has the best spirit about her, and is the one that is keeping the family strong. She said God gave her cancer for a awesome of an attitude is that! Sounds like a true fighter, and I have no doubt she will fight through this. Before she left she let all her friends and family get scissors and cut all her hair off, as she knew she would be losing it soon. She said, "its just hair". You can visit her care page anytime, in fact, she would love it if you did. You can sign her guestbook here if you like to let her know you are praying for her.

I took these gorgeous pics of her at least a year or so ago.

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