Sunday, January 3, 2010


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My Mom and Dad's sheep had a baby last night, and we went after church to see the cutie patootie(as Brooklynn calls it)! We haven't come up with a name for sure yet, but here are some choices....Ugg, Uno, Brownie(another choice of Brooklynn's) and that's it so far. It is a male, and is the sweetest thing you ever did see!!!! The sheep they used to have, Austin came up with their names, and they were: Fred, Daphne, and! Austin and Brooklynn just loved it to pieces, but the Mama and Daddy, however didn't like us messing with the baby. We will be making a lot of trips to go see him for sure. Oh, btw, that's my little girls other best friend, besides me(the pic of her with her Nanny)!!

The top pic is the Daddy sheep, Mama sheep, and baby.


  1. I showed Emily the pictures and she said, "Awwwww, I go to her house and hold her?"

  2. Awwww so cute!!! I like Ugg only because I LOVE my Ugg boots in the winter ha ha!

    Hope you have a happy 2010!!!

  3. i showed these pics to shan and said, guess who this little girls momma is. he thought for a minute and he says, "angie stevens?" i about fell out. he KNEW it was you by looking at your little girl!!! we should def. do lunch one day. :)