Thursday, May 13, 2010



My children love a picnic! Brooklynn woke up during the night with fever and sore throat. When I got a whiff of her breath I knew right away what it was...strep. We went in to see the doc this am and sure enough mamas intuition was right on. She got her 5 booster shots this wk and the thought of another shot killed me and her, so we opted for the oral meds. All my poor baby wanted to do was go home and have a picnic with her dolls and of course, you know what we did. Her daddy even came home to eat at our picnic, but it got moved to the front porch cause of the rain.

The picture of her feeding her babies is not posed, I promise. I ran in to grab my camera, because I peeled the orange just for her babies, ha!!!

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  1. So stinkin cute Angie.. our cat.. looks just like yours!

    Hope she starts to feel better!!!