Monday, November 2, 2009


I haven't posted in several weeks, and this morning while Brooklynn was asleep I played catchup and one more thing is on my heart. My sweet mama started having trouble over the weekend walking good. She has several cysts on her spine from her rheumitoid and they have done 2 epidurals to help and this morning is the 3rd. Please pray that this will help her walking and help the pain. She never complains!!! EVER! She always says,"I'm okay" when you know she's not. It could be a possible back surgery coming up, and removal of the cysts. We know that God will take care of her! I know that is for sure, but it still hurts to hear about her hurting, so please remember her and thank you!!


  1. Oh so sorry about your mom! My mom hasn't been feeling well lately either and has another doctors appointment tomorrow. They always say they are fine, when you know they aren't. I will definetely pray for her!

    Glad you signed up for the give-a-way :)

  2. I am praying for your mom tonight.
    With love,