Friday, November 13, 2009


Chad and I had a wonderful trip to Playa!! We took a ferry to Cozumel and snorkeled and walked the streets(that is what the McDonalds looks like). We layed on the beach the majority of the time and just relaxed, but my family and friends have been wanting to see pics, so I have a ton for you to see. Chad wouldn't let me bring my camera, so we had his little camera and the pics aren't the greatest, but you can see how beautiful it was. I highly recommend is this sweet, beautiful, small quaint island that is just awesome and I highly recommend the Gran Porto Real. Everywhere we went, even our resort called us honeymooners lol! The upgraded us to a suite for our 10 years!!!! It had a private balcony, and everyday we had those cute towels or flowers on our bedside. Oh, the picture of the waiters is my special coffee he wanted to make me....not my fav, but a cool picture. The waiters were so sweet! This was a much needed vacation and we plan on going again, but sooner than 10 years!!


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  1. Looks like y'all had a great time!