Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm normally not one to make resolutions or if I do I don't show them to everyone. I think this will hold me accountable and it will be a reminder when I post stuff on here. So here it goes:

1. The most important one of all: I want to spend more time in the Bible. Not only for me, but my children.
2. I want to feel good about me and for that to happen some weight needs to be shed. It's sooo hard to lose and soo easy to gain it back:(
3. There is so much I could be doing in the community and with my church. Now that I'll have more free time I plan on doing some things to help.
4. Finish the next Bible Study with some of the MOST WONDERFUL ladies ever. I know God put me in there and I've had my doubts on whether to do this one or not(mainly because of the drive), but I'm doing it and am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!:)
5. To stop worrying so much! Most of the time it is no need to worry, but I do://. I know it is a sin, and 2012 I hope I can do better.

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  1. those are some GREAT goals!!! i know you can do it! :) send me an email about your friend in brookhaven will you?