Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today was a very special day for I've been looking forward to for a long time! Baby Carter is now 7 mts old. He is the one listed below you read about that they are doing the tshirt sale for to help pay for his next big surgery. He was born with a rare defect that causes the organs and intestines to be on the outside of the body, and also a spinal cord defect. He will be going through surgery to fix that sometime after July. He will be in Baltimore for 3 mts. Their family will be staying with him during this time. If you decide you want to still order a shirt please let me know....thanks for everyone that already has. It has been amazing to see all the people that have been touched by Carter. I was touched by him today...
cline2 copy
this was the last pics we did...and he was getting tired,but I just love it!
little thumb sweet!!
carter is the happiest baby!! i love this smile!


  1. Angie, I meant to order a tshirt and it has gotten lost in a sea of emails. Are they still selling them? Can you send me the link again? Send it to my email add that doesn't get any junk.

  2. oops i just saw this comment mandy...sorry! the deadline was suppose to be today, but if you see this and can get it to me tom i bet i could get it in for you. thanks so much!:)