Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I think we are the only ones in MS that haven't taken our kids to the rodeo, so we took them Monday night! Josh Turner was the entertainment, and I really like him. He was so sweet to talk about his wife and that he owed his success to the Lord!! All of the rodeo was great. The kids LOVED it..we will be going every year now.

It was Valentines too, so that was even better. A lot of you have wondered how it's been working with hubs on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the kids are in school...I have to say it's really going good!! I have enjoyed being with Chad a little too(normally our conversations are at night when the kids go to bed).:)) Sorry about my little bliggity blog being neglected, not a lotta free time lately, ha!

We had what they call the cheap seats, because it's all they had left, so we were a little too far to get any good pics. I grabbed my camera with the lense that was on there:(

i could kick myself for not taking a pic of us before we went in, our kids looked so cute in there rodeo attire.

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