Monday, October 25, 2010


Brooklynn had a small party last weekend celebrating her 6th BDAY! We are going to Disney in a few wks and that was Austin and Brooklynn bday presents combined, so we kept it small.

We are so blessed with our two wonderful children. When the guys go hunting and do guy stuff, then we do girl, eat out, nails, just hangout watching a movie in bed, etc. She is a little minime of me when I was her age in everyway...looks, personality, EVERYTHING! Maybe that's why she is so sweet..just kidding!


Happy 6th BDAY...we love you with all our heart!!!!!

I want to give a shout out to Laura Lee for the cake...amazing, as always. You can find her through Lamissa's cakes. Also, I ordered Brooklynn's shirt through and love it!


  1. She is so precious. That cake is amazing!

  2. That cake is sooo cute and so is Brooklynn! Stephanie told me ya'll talked on the phone. She does really cute stuff!