Thursday, June 17, 2010



Chad and I drove Tues to do one of his good friends wedding in LA and seriously I think this is the prettiest place I've ever seen! Hope off of Days of our Lives got married here on Days of our Lives! Interview with the Vampire, Ghost Hunters, and plenty more have been here. It is 25 acres of beauty and most importantly this is where Curtis proposed to Crystal and it's where they wanted to get married. I'm so thankful we were able to be with them...we stayed in one of the cottages on the grounds and I'll post pics of it later. She was the most beautiful bride and one of the sweetest!! Chad has been talking about Curtis for yrs and I've never met him...if they lived closer we would be together all the time because they are just like us.

Her honeymoon was a surprise, but I know where they are;) and I can't wait for them to see these few sneaks. I took a pic of just the mansion and it might be hung in my fav pic of them so far is on the bridge!
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