Monday, February 8, 2010



i have been crazy busy with upwards basketball and cheerleading pictures lately that i haven't been able to read my blogs as much and post, but my mom got these cute little saints cookies for us and it deserved a quick post for her! they loved em, but what isn't good from beagle bagle. chad would prob be so embarrassed if he knew this was on my blog, cause it is very cheesy i know, but i had to show mom that they were enjoying em...ha! and my headline was the clarion ledgers headline, but it was too cute not to use it.

on another note, if you haven't purchased beth moores new long insecurites you've been a bad friend to us it is so great so far. boy is she good! i'm only on the first chapter, but i can't wait to read when the kids go to bed tonight.

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  1. Hey Angie! I don't know if you know the Thompson Crew in real life, but Steve's cousin, Olivia is married to Chad's brother. I was looking at their blog and saw pictures of Olivia. Steve helped me put two and two together. Small world!