Friday, December 18, 2009


Brooklynn had Gracie and Maggie over while there parents enjoyed a night away, and we had a blast!!! We made cookies(that I burnt and had to race to get home cause I remembered leavin the oven on when going to get pizza!!!), painted toenails, made ornaments, drank hot cocoa that maggie gave to her bf for Christmas with Princess cups, and watched Elf. They had a blast and I know will be so tired tomorrow, but it is worth every second to see these sweet, sweet girls having so much fun!! I just love em! Sometimes it's fun for the guys to go to deer camp, but we still miss em!

I just love the polka dot toes...think I'll do mine too!


  1. what a fun night! Making memories:-)

  2. My best friend Laurie sent me to your blog because she said you had the prettiest family and I'm sure you have probably commented on my blog before or we have talked before but I just have to say that your family IS gorgeous and I just love reading about you and Brooklyn! I can't WAIT until my daughter is that age and we can have fun together! What a blessing! I have been reading back on your blog tonight and you are just so cute!