Saturday, October 31, 2009


For Austin's 7th Bday, a good friend of ours got a suite/skybox for Austin, and it had to be the best party he's ever had! The boys had a blast!!! I failed to post pics of either of their friend parties. Austin is the most affectionate, sweetest, caring, precious little boy!!! He loves to go hunting EVERY weekend during the season with his daddy, but he loves just sitting in my lap and watching a movie, or reading books, or playing outside after school with me and his sissy! My favorite thing is that he tells me he loves me at least twice a day, and we can just be sitting there doing nothing and I LOVE THAT!! Probably because I tell them all the time...ha! He better not outgrow it, cause I won't let him!! God truly blessed me of two of the sweetest children!!

The lighting wasn't great when it got dark and in the skybox, but you get the idea.

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