Sunday, September 13, 2009


On the way home from church today my 4 year old daughter was trying to explain to us what Brother Lance was telling them in childrens church about candy! My 7 year old son quickly said oh she is talking about the story about when Brother Lance was wanting to buy a BUTTERFINGER Candy Bar at Walmart and that was just what he wanted, but probably not what he needed.
I said, "So, the candy at bought at Walmart yesterday was probably not what you needed then", (which i was picking anyway) and Brooklynn said, "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TOLD YOU THAT STORY!"

Chad and I laughed the rest of the way home, but it goes to show that even my four year is listening and is learning so much. I had a bad headache and the devil wanted to tell me stay home, but I pushed myself and listened to one of the best sermons ever today!!!! You can always listen to any of our sermons on and go to listen now, and boy do we have an amazing choir too!!

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